Friday, May 18, 2007

Email, Email, Where Can I Check My Email

Email Center
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One nice thing I noticed yesterday at registration were the four email stations already set up and running. (I appologize that this photo is a little dark, I don't have my fancy shmancy imaging software to lighten it up.) This is nice because those of us who take CE classes have the opportunity to check our email before the official beginning of the conference (a day and a half later).

I hope there will be more stations within the technology showcase or in the exhibit area, because there is no free wifi in the hotel and I am sure there will be quite a line when the conference gets underway. This also brings me to another issue....the hunt for wifi hotspots. Now that I finally have a laptop, I feel like a bird migrating to the next available wifi watering hole.

The LAC has been very helpful at providing a list of locations offering free WiFi but I would have liked to have had free WiFi at the hotel. Perhaps as MLA looks at future conventions, they could negotiate free WiFi to attendees who stay in the hotel, because $10/day for hotel WiFi is outrageous.


Rachel said...

I was just thinking the same thing - 2000+ librarians are going to need more than 4 stations - although I was quite pleased to see 4 already up and running today!

The Krafty Librarian said...

I was happy to see during the Welcome Reception an addition 10 email computers inside the exhibitor's area.

However, I still think it would be a nice thing for MLA to bargain (when making hotel arrangments and contracts) that attendees get either free WiFi or free internet access from the hotel.

Rachel said...

Agreed. I was just thinking that even if the hotel doesn't have free WiFi, but has WiFi, it would be possible to set up a conference attendees login to restrict to MLA people.

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