Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hospital Library Toolkits

It was the last poster session of the conference, I was tired and I debated about skipping off to catch a late bite to eat. I am so glad I decided to run through the posters before I answered my growling tummy. I ran across the poster, An Advocacy Service for Hospital Librarians. This poster looked at ways it could help address the needs of hospital libraries in areas such as staffing, budget, support/advocacy, and marketing. As a result two toolkits were created,

1. Hospital Librarian Orientation Toolkit that offers information from both regional and state-specific resources
2. Hospital Library Promotional Toolkit that provides a practical approach to promoting libraries in a hospital setting.

They had sample toolkits at the table and they look very helpful.

What, you didn't go to MLA? Maybe you went to MLA and accidentally missed this poster, never fear, you can checkout the toolkits at


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