Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Some other sessions on Monday

I accidently went to the wrong session Monday afternoon but, as luck would have it, wound up viewing a paper that was really interesting. (Ultimate Virtual Library). This turned out to be a Second Life project with interesting results and ramifications. The presenter, whose name I did not write down, got a grant (partnered with University of Illinois Library of Health Science - Peoria) to create the HealthInfo Island. It is a consumer health effort and there are all sorts of participants and communities. The "library" answers real reference questions and helps to connect people. I think this one might be interesting to explore. There are more than 400 librarians involved in Second Life but few are health sciences librarians. You might even want to volunteer to help out. What's your atavar?

After that paper, I did go to the session I had originally wanted to attend. I had to sit on the floor for awhile since the room was packed and all the doorways were filled with eager viewers. (Top Technology Trends: Where is the Revolution Leading Us Next) Be sure to take a look at the linked site for information. Lots of ideas were exchanged. I was a little disappointed that the panel lacked expertise and knowledge about a few things. But, hey, they can't know everything.

Some of the tidbits I want to explore further:
  • Web 2.0 catalog tools like user comments would be a natural lead-in to Journal Clubs.
  • One English instructor put out a feeler for a Second Life English 101 course and got 200 responses right away. Possible Info Lit avenue???
  • IBM is going to offer its employee training on Second Life.
The panel queried the audience via 60 electronic answer pads on some questions and got some interesting answers. For example:
  • 47% of the respondents thought that the preferred search tool of the near future would be Google Scholar. No really close second.
  • The respondents were almost evenly divided on the most challenging technology for libraries -- (1) EMR and (2) Web 2.0 integration


Jennifer said...

Glad you enjoyed our session! Our Powerpoint, complete with notes, plus contact information, links, etc., are all available at http://mla2007.pbwiki.com/

Eric said...

Wow, I completely missed that on the schedule thanks for the PPT link

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