Thursday, May 24, 2007

Medical Mashup Presented at MLA

I went to the 1,776 Uses for Technologies session Tuesday and I listened to the presentation, "A Customizable 'Mash-Up' for Model and Disease Organisms." The mashup was created to collect life sciences information from the literature through citation indexes, publisher's RSS feeds, image databases, and the rest of the Internet. The mashup uses 9.5 million scientific name strings to find information. MeSH (used by MEDLINE) and NALT (used by Agricola) vocabularies are used to link to literature and enhance search queries for more general resources.

You can either go to to play with it on your own, or you can go to sample applications page which will help you understand the how it can be used.
It is very cool. It is one the more complete bioscience/medical mashups I have seen that has gone beyond the mapping mashups genre of mashup programs. For those of you who think you have seen something like this before, it is similar to, but it's website appears to be a little more user friendly and it appears to be more extensive utilizing many more resources.

My only regret, I was so stunned at how cool this product is (Yes, I already know I am a geek) that I couldn't think of one intelligent question to ask.


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