Thursday, May 24, 2007

Wrap Up

Blogging was interesting, even though we didn't have wireless access, I still blogged. I just wrote using my word processing program and then uploaded multiple posts once I had time and found a hot spot. The volunteer bloggers did a great job, and without their help it wouldn't have been nearly as successful as it was. I have seen ALA and other organizations ask their volunteers to sign up for various slots to make sure all of the programs are covered. That is a great, perhaps I might do that someday when I have A LOT of volunteer bloggers. But for now that isn't my style. It was my intention to get whatever people's thoughts and comments were about the meeting. I tried to do this without being too much of a burdon to the bloggers who graciously volunteered their time and thoughts. A few of the volunteers had asked me, "What do you want, what should I blog on?" I told them to write about whatever they wanted, it could have been about Mark Funk's incredible speech or the fact that there wasn't any diet coke in the meetings. I think using that philosphy we got a great mix of postings. Hopefully all of you who have read the blog have found it interesting and helpful as well.

It started out as an experiment in 2005 and it has grown each year. I have learned a lot and met a lot of great people as a result. Thank you volunteer bloggers for contributing, without you I wouldn't have been able to do it

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