Saturday, May 19, 2007

On Saturday Morning at MLA

Well, I can breathe now that the teaching is over. When I teach a CE course at MLA, I seem to be on automatic pilot until it is all over. I know that I eat and sleep and do all the normal things one does, but I don't seem to be in the conference mode until I'm done with teaching. My roommate is extremely kind and acts as my guide dog until I surface. She even got my registration packet for me before I arrived. Now I can look around and participate in networking, etc., which is excellent at this meeting every year.

As usual, the CE folks from MLA had everything well in hand. All the equipment worked; all the handouts and name tents (and markers) were there. It is a comfort to know that I won't have to worry about the technical details when I teach at MLA. The students were eager and dug into the course with relish. Of course by the end of the 8-hour course, all of us were a little dingy. Thanks, folks, for a great day of learning.

I'm fortunate in that I have my own laptop in my room and can access my email there and don't have to wait at a station. I, too, wish that the hotel had free WiFi. So many place do these days.

I'm looking forward to greeting familiar MLA colleagues and meeting new folks today as people start arriving for the general meeting. I might even get a little sightseeing in today before the Welcome Reception and exhibits this evening. See you then.... M

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