Sunday, May 20, 2007

Poster Session I

Every year the posters seem to be more polished and the presenters eager to talk about their project or research. Having the abstract to look at ahead of time really helps to focus on those you might be really interested in. But, as you go from one to another, there is always something that you had not planned to examine carefully that catches your eye. Today, for me, that was the poster on the Health Education Assets Library (12), a digital library that provides freely accessible digital teaching resources of the highest quality.

Posters that I sought out are mostly related to technology or the Web where my interests lie. I always pick up some new idea when visiting posters. For example, when visiting poster (13), Organizing Electronic Resources with a Database Driven Website, I learned that there are free versions of Cold Fusion or something akin that we could explore. (

Some of the other posters I visited:

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kevenj said...

The open source ColdFusion engine is called "the Smith Project." You can download it at